Visit our farm

During the autumn months, we are open by appointment only. We also have Open Farm Hours occasionally. Join our e-newsletter for dates and times.

Please call or text Kate at 802-387-2391 before you come by so that we can make sure we have what you want in stock and meet you at the barn.

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During designated open hours, we welcome you to say hello to our
animals from the designated area near the farmstand.

For your safety and out of respect for our animals, we ask that you
please stay out of all of our pastures and farmhouse.

Buy in Bulk.

Fill your freezer!

Please contact us if you’re interested in buying bulk quantities of meat or reserving a half or an entire animal. When you reserve ahead, we’ll have the butcher cut and pack the meat for you, and we’ll let you know when it’s ready to pick up at our farmstand.

Having a freezer full of locally grown meat has made cooking and grocery shopping so much easier. Not only do I save money when I buy in bulk, but I never have to wonder where the meat I’m eating came from!