About our Family Farm

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Our commitment

At Meadowdale Farm, we believe that you should be able to trust the food you eat and we’re committed to bringing you real food directly from our family farm. There are so many labels on our food these days, and sometimes they just make things more confusing. What does natural mean, anyway?

This is why we are committed to being upfront about our growing practices, how our animals live, and why we make the decisions we make. Not only do we want you to eat really delicious locally raised meat, but we also want you to know you can trust us to be transparent and that you can always ask us questions about our farm.

Our practices

Since we began farming in 1999, we have been committed to raising the healthiest, happiest animals for the local community. We believe in being good stewards of the land and continuing to preserve Vermont’s Working Landscape.

We source the highest quality grains for our poultry, use our own hay for winter cattle feed, and our animals always have plenty of room to roam.

Take our virtual farm tour to learn more about how we raise our animals.

Our Family

We’ve been farming in Vermont since 1999. We moved to our current farm in 2014, when our son, James, was 8, and have been settling in and building up the farm since then. Before that we farmed in East Putney just up the dirt road from where Kate grew up.

As the seasons change, so do our farm offerings. In the summer we hay, rotate our animals onto pasture, and build our homestead. In the fall we harvest our animals, preserve food, split firewood, and prepare for cold months ahead. When winter arrives we are deep in the woods logging, planning next year's garden, and plowing snow. Springtime finally comes and it's the time to gather sap and deliver firewood. Each piece of our intentionally small, diversified farm supports the next season and is vitally interconnected.

We're proud members and supporters of the Farmer Veteran Coalition and their Homegrown by Heroes product labeling program.  We are honored for the opportunity to serve on the FVC-VT board and the national Farmer Veteran Coalition board. We also serve on the board of the Windham County Farm Bureau.