We’re a small farm with a big vision. We believe that you should know your farmer and their practices.
We’re committed to bringing you real food from our pastures to your plate.

What’s for sale?

During the autumn months, we are open by appointment only.
Please call or text Kate at 802-387-2391 if you’d like to come by.


In the balance between urban and rural we are providing connections to Vermont’s traditional heritage in a modern world.

Our Practices

There are so many labels on our food these days, and sometimes they just make things more confusing. What does natural mean, anyway?

Since we began farming in 1999, we have been committed to raising the healthiest, happiest animals for the local community. We believe in being good stewards of the land and continuing to preserve Vermont’s Working Landscape.

Our farm is nestled on the hillside overlooking Bare Hill. From using rotational grazing to sourcing the highest quality grains and forages, we are an intentionally small farm where cows have first names, and vegetables are planted by hand. Bigger isn’t always better. When you purchase our products you aren’t a customer, you’re part of our extended family.

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In her Vermonting Blog, Kate discusses life on and off the farm, from cooking to parenting to living with misdiagnosed Lyme disease…



Our Farm in Pictures