Currently, we are open by appointment only. Please call or text Kate at 802-387-2391 to make an appointment.

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Whole (each are around 3-4 lbs)— $5/lb (sold out)

Chicken Livers- $2/lb (sold out)

Chicken Gizzards-$2/lb

Chicken Necks-$1.50/lb (sold out)

Chicken Feet-$2/lbs (very low quantities)

Soup Makers (backs for bone broth) — $2.50/lb (one left!)


Whole Turkey — $5.75/lb

We are offering pastured Standard White Turkeys that are raised outdoors and fed high quality grains. These delicious turkeys are excellent foragers, and their pasture-based diet influences the flavor and quality of the meat. This breed is known for having a generous amount of white breast meat and bones makes a beautiful stock. Our turkey will be the centerpiece for your Thanksgiving meal!
Please understand the following:

For you’re convenience we do not ask for a deposit, but we do ask that if you are ordering you understand we are raising a bird for just for you. Please pick up your bird on one of our 3 convenient pick-up options.

Turkey sizes are approximate, and we do not reserve or guarantee exact sizes. Let us know what you prefer though and we will try to come close.

The turkey is frozen and will require defrosting.

We are currently Taking Reservations. Call or Text if you’d like to be on our Holiday Turkey List. 802-387-2391 please leave your email address.


Rack of Lamb — $16/lb

Riblets — $15/lb

Half Legs — $12 /lb

Thick Cut Chops (2 per package) — $16/lb

Ground (one and two pound packages)— $12/lb

Stew — $12/lb (very limited quantities)

Liver — $4/lb (sold out)

Heart/Kidney/Tongue — $3/package

Bulk Price-10% off of Retail Cost when you purchase 20 pounds or more of lamb. Your choice of cuts.


Maple Breakfast Sausage — $8/lb

Bacon (sliced in one pound packages) — $11/lb (sold out)

Thick Bone-in Chops (2 per package) — $12/lb

Ground (one pound packages) — $8/lb

Smoked Semi-Boneless Holiday Ham (Quartered) — $11/lb

Back Fat — $1/lb

Unrendered Leaf Lard — $3/lb (sold out)

Pork Heart and Jowls/Cheek $3/package

Bulk Price-10% off of Retail Cost when you purchase 20 pounds or more of pork. Your choice of cuts. Bacon is not included in bulk pricing.

Pork arriving on Sunday!


Ground Beef $9/lb

Burger Patties (100% Ground Beef) $9.50/lb

Rib-Eye Bone-In Steak $18/lb (sold out)

Boneless NY Sirloin Strip Steak $14/lb (sold out)

Strip Steak $12/lb (sold out)

Flank Steak $14/lb (sold out)

Stew/Kabob Meat $9/lb

Steak Tips $10/lb (limited quantities)

Cross-Cut Shanks $6/lb

Tongue $5/lb (limited quantities)

Heart $4/lb (sold out)

Tail $5/lb (sold out)

Beef Marrow Bones $2/lbs

Liver $2/lb (sold out)

Bulk Burger Special-Buy 50 lbs of ground beef and get a 10% discount.

All beef is individually wrapped USDA Inspected generally in about one pound portions. New for 2019 we’re offering larger 2 pound party-packages of ground beef! More beef coming in November to restock on freezers!


Chicken Eggs — If you'd like to eat our yummy chicken eggs head on over to the Putney Diner (open breakfast and lunch) and ask for Meadowdale Farm fresh eggs!


Sold out until fall of 2020

Fish must be preordered. Contact us if you’d like more information. We order in bulk from Small Scales Seafood.


Square Bales $5 and Wrapped Round Bales (baleage/fermented hay) $50.

First Cut and Second Cut Hay is in-stock! (Limited quantities of second-cut.)

Give Mark a call to set up a time to look at our hay and to arrange pick-up or delivery. There is an extra charge for delivery. 802-380-1014

Farm Hay Policy: We encourage hay customers to come look at hay in person before they purchase. Once hay is delivered and off of our farm we cannot accept returns.

SheepSkin pelts


Naturally tanned in Vermont, color and size may vary.

Sheepskins are in stock!