Home and farm bUILDING

From classic New England timber-frames to modern stone masonry Mark can help you from planning to building, and contracting services. His extensive connection to reliable, honest experts in our community can help you get your job done right the first time. With over 20 years of experience in construction his vision can bring your dreams to reality. His flexible, motivated, easy going nature is ideal in high stress building environments. Whether he's restoring a 1780's farmhouse, or building a chicken coop he can incorporate the latest in Green building. From sourcing materials locally, often from your property, to using the latest in energy efficient technology he's your guy!



Trail design needs a visionary. Someone who can take into account your topography and your goals for your land. Whether you are a nordic skier, hiker, snowmobiler, mountain biker, hunter, or just want access to all reaches of your property we can help. Emphasis is on protecting riparian zones, working with your forests, and meeting your recreation goals. By using a team that has first hand knowledge of the forest products industry, conservation values, and sport backgrounds we can bring you dynamic designs and ideas.  Your timber may have potential value and needs to be protected until its ready for harvest. Smart trail design can work with, not against your trees. Kate brings a lifetime of growing up observing and using trails designed by some of the best in the world. Whether it's a World Cup downhill mountain bike run in Kaprun to skiing Olympic trails in Lake Placid. Our first visit will include walking your land and discussing your long term land use goals.