HOliday Turkeys

For over a decade we've raised holiday turkeys on pasture. We supplement our free ranging turkey's diet using high quality grain. We pride ourself in careful attention to our animals well being, health, and happiness. 


Why do we raise our birds differently?

Raising pastured meats is far more labor intensive than conventional factory-farmed meat, but we do it for several reasons:
1.) Better for the Health and Happiness of our animals.
2.) Rebuilding our soil fertility naturally.
3.) Animals have an enriched diet from foraging outdoors. Meat is only as good as what the animal eats during it's lifetime. 


Why is it more work?

Raising pastured poultry means: 

1.)Bringing fresh water and grain to the birds twice a day. (The pastures don't have electricity or wells.)

2.)Moving electrified fencing around birds and moving their mobile coops is labor intensive.



Frozen turkeys are available 

Just 2 days a year we harvest our turkeys. We have Sunday 10am-12pm open farm hours for customers to pick up their turkey(s). We also offer turkey pieces (Legs, Wings, Thighs) for stocking up for everyday or small Holiday Gathering meals.  

Head on over to our “What’s For Sale” page and put in your reservations. No credit card needed. Every turkey comes with one of our free recipe guide for "How to Cook a Pastured Turkey".

Remember turkeys aren't just for Thanksgiving. This caliber turkey is hard to find. Our family of 3 puts aside about 10 a year. We love Turkey/Apple/Cheddar Sandwiches, Chipotle Turkey Tacos, and Turkey pieces baked with root veggies and sage.