Podcasts from the Farm

Technology has become a modern farmer's tool of necessity, but I don't think many of us actually enjoy it. I have to keep up fresh looking, edited photos of bucolic farm life (not the part where I'm in tears with a flat tire, or a pig gets tangled in fencing, it's the shiny stuff for marketing) with daily Facebook posts, new content for Insta, keep my SnapChat inventive and funny, get posters up of our latest meat specials, try to woo local store managers to carry our products, and just learned in my latest online farm marketing course I should have soundbites on my website. Little does this course instructor know I've got this nasal, often high pitched voice, no recording equipment, and I'm a perfectionist. So, I knew I was going to follow his command, but I'm still not sure if my ramblings are podcast worthy!

I know that you're time is valuable and I appreciate you taking the time to be here and listen to the latest drama over bunnies, a post oil vermont, and trigger warnings.