Old Magazines

My grandpa got me a subscription to the Green Mountaineer when I was 9. I loved when we’d walk down Wardon road to the mailboxes and an issue was waiting.

I’d lay on my belly on the mustard yellow shag carpet of my bedroom and read every page.

I loved the Letters to the Editor where kid’s submitted illustrations and talked about their school’s history clubs. How I wished my class at Putney Central had a “Junior Historian” club.

I kept my love of history deeply hidden for fear of being teased as it was way cooler to talk about Lisa Frank stickers, Baby Sitter Club trashy literature, or the latest episode of 90210.

I loved the articles on how potash was made from mountains of cordwood, lore from Lake Champlain, or guessing what old tools purpose were.

Thanks to my New England hoarding genetics we’ve still got some of my beloved copies to use in our classroom today.

If you ever see these laying around tag sales snatch them up! They’re a fantastic resource for young and old!