Starting from Scratch

Over the past few years we’ve been building our barn.

I don’t think Mark ever had a formal sketch, but just a plan in his head and then he started a cut sheet with timbers and board feet of lumber scratched on a scrap of paper (probably the back of an old envelope).

Then, after cold nights had driven the frost deep into the forest floor he headed out into the woods with his skidder and chainsaw to cut the what needed. In spring he milled them to the right dimensions. With friends early one humid July morning we raised the timber-frame and watched it take shape. 

Walls, roof, interior stalls, windows, and cupola will slowly be added as time and money allows. It takes a lot of eggs or hay to be sold to make those purchases.

Dreams like this take time, a lot of hard work, and don’t happen overnight like on those tv shows. If you like driving by and watching this adventure unfold please consider supporting our efforts through getting a dozen eggs, a thanksgiving turkey, or some meat. Small farms can’t make a go of it unless their community stands with them.

Let’s keep Vermont rural!