What to Bring for Treatment Stays

When I head to ACBM for treatment I usually spend at least a few days there. I want to be comfy and cozy, yet ready for a hard day’s work! The atmosphere at the clinic isn’t like any cold doctor’s office or hospital. It’s very inviting and every member of the ACBM crew makes you feel like part of the family. While I’ve written my tips of what to bring I think ultimately the most important thing to bring along is a good attitude and willingness to try something new. 

Over my visits to the clinic here’s what I bring:

-I dress comfortably for movement and for ease of dressing and undressing. Some treatments like the sauna or thermography require you to be in your birthday suit. Having clothes that you can easily put back on speeds up the process. I also like an outfit that works for riding on the exercise bike (Exercise With Oxygen Therapy) and that works when I’m laying on a Soundbed. I find it’s handy to have a tank top or short sleeve shirt as a top base layer to make getting an IV easier. Leggings, a tank top, cardigan, cozy socks, and a scarf work well. I like wearing an athletic type shoe that I can easily slip on and off (Merrell, Keen, Sketchers make this style) because I take my shoes off at least half a dozen times every day!

-Since technology like iPhones and computers aren’t recommended during treatments I like to bring a good read. There are also plenty of books and magazines to read provided by the clinic. 

-Filtered water, tea, blankets, and pillows are all provided by the clinic. There is also a cubby space for each patient for storing belongings. While at the clinic I try to stay really hydrated. It helps my body cope with the many treatments.

-I skip jewelry because with some treatments they just don’t work well. Rings get tight on fingers that are swelling as lymphatic fluid gets moving, necklaces pop on the Pulsed Electromagnetic Field device, and bracelets get darn hot when you’re in a sauna. 

-I usually eat pretty lightly while I’m there. There’s time off to get a bite to eat, but I feel like my day is better spent if I bring something I can reheat, eat, and then go sit or walk outside. Every minute I’m at the clinic is so valuable that I hate wasting it in traffic! I also use the lunch time break to catch up with my family via FaceTime and check email. Soup, salad with protein, a smoothie, or some sautéed veggies are usually what sits the best. There’s a stove and cooking utensils to use in the kitchen. 

-The first time I went to ACBM my giant black binder of all my Medical Records accompanied me. Now that everything is on file at the clinic and I email my blood work periodically, I don’t have to bring that much paperwork. It’s advisable to check with the clinic to see what’s recommended, but with my Lyme brain I needed to be able to reference my vaccine chart from the 90’s to be able to answer the physician accurately! My health history was somewhat long and detailed so having my records was worth it. 

-I always bring a notebook. Every night when I get back to my hotel room I assess if I have any questions or concerns and record them. The next day during my consultation with the physician I can be efficient. It’s also a great way to record information gleaned from the nurses and other patients. I often learn about a book I need to read, supplement to find out more about, or a video I should look up.

-About a week before I leave for Arizona I get a round of blood work done at my local hospital. Usually it is a CBC, Lipid Panel, TSH, and sometimes a CMP. Doctor Thom also likes to make sure I get my Vitamin D levels checked since I live in an area that gets sun about 5 days a year.