Know anyone with Lyme Disease?

So I don’t talk too much on here about my health journey...but, I know a lot of you don’t feel well. You’ve struggled with finding a doctor that listens. You’ve tried so many different things and they haven’t helped. 

♥️When I was first bedridden with Lyme I watched my life change overnight. Then, when our Farm Kid got Lyme our dreams were crushed again. 

♥️I’m ready to share what has helped us and course corrected the direction of our lives. I’ll be doing a social media take over for a couple weeks over at @thebiomedcenter page. I invite you to join and enjoy our story, free recipes, wellness on a budget tips, and how finding the right doctor can change your life. And, if you have a friend or family member who’s struggling this holiday season please let them know. It’s incredible how one nugget of information can be absolutely life changing!