Childhood's Influence in Chronic Illness

Yup. This is me back in 1988. I had big glasses, an even bigger smile, and I loved cows.  In just a few years I’d be having joint pain and start having a hard time in school. But, in the 80’s I was just your regular kid who loved to be outside. I’d already been prescribed antibiotics 10 times, consumed fluoride daily, was fully vaccinated, eating a standard American diet, and starting to feel the pressure of school, sports, and music. 

Sometimes when people ask me “When did you get sick?” I don’t know how to explain it. I can tell them that “I never felt well since my miscarriage.” Yet, that doesn’t explain the complexity of illness. It doesn’t explain my genetics, my upbringing, my constitution, my lifestyle, every bug bite I’ve ever gotten, and virus/bacteria/mold/parasite I’ve ever been exposed to. It doesn’t explain those early years when I started to notice inflammation in my knees or anxiety creeping in. There are so many factors involved in disease that make healing incredibly complicated for Western allopathic medicine. Chronic illness is not the same as breaking a bone, setting it, and seeing the patient again in 6 weeks. Real healing takes the finely honed skill of a well trained physician. It takes the ability to gather all of the pieces of your intricate puzzle and finding a way to achieve balance.

Doctor Thom has an excellent presentation that describes the involvement of childhood experiences in chronic illness: