We raise a small number of pigs on our farm and enjoy every minute of it! They root around, get their bellies rubbed, and our pigs are fed grain made with absolutely no genetically modified organisms. We chose not to feed them cheap fillers like Twinkies and stale bread, old dairy products, or compost. You can taste the difference. It costs us a ton more to raise them like this but, we feel that it is healthier for our hogs and our human customers.

Special care and intention is taken to make sure that our pigs are happy. They are incredibly intelligent animals that love when we make them enrichment toys, given fresh vegetables from our garden, or have a kiddie pool to splash in.

We consciously do not raise a lot of pigs because we know we can only provide this level of care to a small number of them. We also do not want to damage our ecosystem by raising too many hogs on it. 

We all eat. We all eat and we all can take responsibility for restoring perennial, food-producing polycultures no matter where we live. We can take personal responsibility for the transformation of the natural world around us and we can plant trees, shrubs, vines, canes, fungi, forage, and animal systems that create clean water, pure air and build the soil. We can plant the systems that provide abundant, low-cost yields of highly nutritious foods for humanity for all time. Who is it again that will do this work? You and I.”
— Mark Shepherd "Restoration Agriculture"