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10 tips for livin' the lyme life:

#1 sTART CLEANING UP YOUR DIET and add in more anti-inflammatory foods

#2 jOIN MY ESSENTIAL OILS TEAM and learn how to remove toxic chemicals from your home's cleaning routine. 

#3 BUILD YOUR WELLNESS PRACTITIONER CREW to build a supportive healing safety-net.

#4 GET MOVING to get your lymphatic system running

#5 UNWIND and destress to reduce inflammation triggers

#6 dETOX your social life and responsibilities. 

#7 foster RESILIENCY and techniques to build inner strength

#8 ONLY USE HIGH Quality Supplements and vitamins



books you gotta get:

websites that have some legit info:


Are you needing support, backup, someone who can be there with you in Lyme Land? Let's brainstorm ideas for wellness, diet modifications, emotional health, and basics like "How do I remember to take 30 different supplements?" I can also provide support when it comes to advocating for yourself at the doctors, and with your health insurance company!  We can Skype, FaceTime, or meet in person if you live near the farm. (Some Lymies just aren't able to leave their bedroom and I can come visit bearing lemon water with Pinella.) This coaching is all about YOU and what works for YOU. It is fully customizable to best meet your needs.

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