Adding lamb to our meat offerings was the brain child of our child!  Our Farmer Boy started raising them in 2015 and has added to his flock each year. Hand raised and well loved using intensive grazing management practices and minimal grain this lamb has a not too gamey flavor that is delicious. Lamb is sold under stringent USDA inspection and is individually sealed and labeled in various cuts and weights. We prefer to sell in lambs in bulk (whole/halves) both are available.



Interested in purchasing a whole or half lamb?

How Much Meat is a Whole Lamb? A whole lamb is usually around 30-40 lbs of meat once it's all packaged in individual cuts. Lambs are usually ready for pick up in November.

How much will it cost? We do our bulk pricing by the finished cut weights for simplicities just know that all the transportation, slaughterhouse fees, and our farm costs are included in that price.

Are they processed on farm? We get our lamb processed at a USDA inspected facility and each cut comes wrapped, labeled, and frozen. 

Can I pick what cuts I get? When getting a whole lamb there are some custom cutting that can be done to your preferences. We can email that cut sheet to you and walk you through the process. Chops, Roasts, Ground lamb, shanks, legs, racks, and organ meats are some of the most common cuts. The sheepskin is not included.

Bulk Lamb Pricing: For whole lambs we charge $11 a pound cut it would end up being in the ballpark of $300-$400. And, if it seems like too much lamb you're welcome to always go in on it with friends.

We also do half lambs in bulk for $12/lb cut weight. The only thing with the half order is that we don't provide a custom cut sheet and lamb will be cut to farmer’s preferences.


Cozy Sheepskins

Are available each year in various colors and sizes. They are processed locally using natural methods. They are the perfect addition to your couch, office chair, baby gift, pampered dog bed, or used as a bedside rug. We love these gorgeous skins and use them throughout our home.