It's with great sadness that we've closed this part of the farm. After being unable to attain a permit from the Town of Putney for splitting firewood at our farm we've been unable to find a location nearby to operate. The expense of renting land, buying a piece of equipment to move logs at the off-farm location, and the permitting process has made it impossible. Selling firewood (like most farm ventures) isn't very profitable to begin with, so adding burdensome costs don't work.

With the real threat of transporting invasive insects, our community's desire to be more energy independent, and the great need for young, tax paying entrepreneurs in Vermont it's with a heavy heart that we've come to this conclusion. Click here to read about our situation in the Northern Woodlands magazine.

We've spent the last few years working hard with legislators to share our experience with gentrification and the results of living in a culture that has less than 2% of its population involved in agriculture. A vibrant, resilient community embraces diversity, which includes preserving rural heritage and the traditions of its people. Click here to read the final bill S.101 aka "The Right to Practice Forestry". 

If you support our Working Landscape please talk with the members of the Putney Selectboard, Town Manager, and our local legislators. Our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for those that tried to help this battle have a different outcome. 



-Whole Chicken (neck/heart/liver included) $5/lb (most chickens are around $12 each).(Sold out)

-Chicken Pieces- Boneless/Skinless Breast$14.99/lb, Bone-in Breast $11.99/lb, Drumsticks $5.99/lb,Thighs $6.99/lb, soup makers (Neck & Backs) $1.50/lb (sold out)

Lamb-Shanks $11/lb, Rack $12/lb, Leg $8.99/lb, Roast $9/lb, Loin Chops $16/lb, Ground $11/lb (SOLD OUT), Stew $8/lb (SOLD OUT), Liver $4/lb (SOLD OUT), Heart/Kidney/Tongue $3 per package (sold out)

Turkey Pieces-packs of wings $4.99/lb THIGHS (SOLD OUT) BONELESS BREASTS (SOLD OUT)

Holiday Turkeys- $5/lb (sold out)

Pork-Maple Breakfast sausage $8/ lb (sold out), Bacon Sliced $11/ lb (sold out),Pork Chops (Bone-In) $12/ lb, special! hocks $4/ lb, Hams $10/ lb (sold out), Back Fat $1/lb, Leaf Lard (unrendered) $3/lb

Duck Eggs-$3/half dozen

Beef- (Sold out until Late Spring 2019.)

salmon/halibut/pacific cod- (sold out until september 2019)


If you'd like to eat our yummy chicken eggs head on over to the Putney Diner (open breakfast and lunch) and ask for Meadowdale Farm fresh eggs!

If you’d like to be a regular Duck Egg customer give us a call.




Square Bales $5 and Wrapped Round Bales (baleage). Give Mark a call to set up a time to look at our hay and to arrange pick up or delivery. 802-380-1014

Mulch Hay Special $4/bale-Pick up by appointment.

  • We encourage hay customers to come look at hay in person before they purchase. Once hay is delivered and off of our farm we cannot accept returns. 

Sheep Skins-

Naturally tanned in Vermont $200/each. Color and size varies. Taking orders now. This batch will be all white fleece.