About our Family Farm:

Welcome to our family farm. Since 1999 our mission has been to raise the healthiest, happiest animals possible, to be good stewards of the land, and continue to preserve Vermont’s Working Landscape

Our offerings shift organically with the changing seasons. In the summer we hay, rotate our animals onto pasture, and build our homestead. In the fall we harvest our animals, preserve food, split firewood, and prepare for cold months ahead. When winter arrives we are deep in the woods logging, planning next year's garden, and plowing snow. Springtime finally comes and it's the time to gather sap and deliver firewood. Each piece of our intentionally small, diversified farm supports the next season and is vitally interconnected.



Proud Members of the Farmer Veteran Coalition of Vermont

Proud Members of the Farmer Veteran Coalition of Vermont

We're proud members and supporters of the Farmer Veteran Coalition and their Homegrown by Heroes product labeling program. We are honored for the opportunity to serve on the FVC-VT board.

Were a traditional Vermont hill farm offering a diverse selection of products using regenerative agricultural practices. For over a decade Meadowdale Farm has offered: Meat, Eggs, Hay, Sap, and Forest Products.


Mark: Grilled Beer-Can Chicken with roasted German Potatoes

Kate: Porter House Steak with Shiitakes and Scallions

James: Scrambled Duck Eggs with Bacon



In the balance between urban and rural we are providing connections to Vermont's traditional heritage in a modern world.



Mark spent his childhood "all the way down south" in Brattleboro. Much of his family lived in the Windsor and Orleans counties of Vermont where they were farming before the Revolutionary War. His mom recognized that he had "sawdust in his veins" back when he was four years old cutting little strips of paper into uniform "firewood" pieces.  Maybe the love of working in the woods was passed from his great-grandfather who travelled out West to cut big timber in the early 20th century, or perhaps from his grandpa who used to drive logs from Hartland down to Cersosimo's mill in Brattleboro. Mark started working at a local sawmill owned by Will Gouin while still in high school. Now a member of Woodmizer's Pro-Sawyer Network, his work has been featured in several episodes of Animal Planet's "Treehouse Masters". Our house, barn, and even the local Putney General Store was built from trees that he cut and milled. He currently serves as an officer in the Vermont Army National Guard.


The summer of '92 Mark had a job scuba diving to wash boat bottoms in Sippican Harbor.


Kate has grown up calling rural Putney home. Her education began just up the road from the farm at Putney Central School and later at The Putney School where she first milked cows. Her family came to Vermont during the mid 1700's mostly were farming in Bennington, Rutland, and Windsor counties. Her three priorities are: Faith, Family, and Farming while serving her local and state community. She’s served on several local boards including the Affordable Housing Committee, Historical Society, and the Windham County Farm Bureau. Homesteading and Homeschooling are currently her main focus. After over a decade living with misdiagnosed Lyme disease Kate works as an advocate and mentor to others. Her speciality is supporting other parents dealing with pediatric cases of Lyme and the importance of good food in the healing process.


Random kb fact:  

In 2002 Kate played a violin jazz solo for Jean-Luc Ponty at a Berklee School of Music master class.